“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world” – Bruno Barbey

Russ Fill

Cinematographer. Director. Storyteller.

From growing up in the Rocky mountains, to multi Emmy award winning cinematography, Russ has been pursuing a path of amazing locations and stunning images most of his life. With camera always at hand, he is constantly exploring new methods and techniques of filming and lighting; experimenting with new ideas, cutting edge equipment and innovative visual tools to raise the level of his images.

Whether the subject is interviewing Neilson Mandela, or an epic Survivor location, He has the ability to capture the moment and images in a raw and organic style. Exotic locations are not the only inspiration for his best work. It is always Russ’s instinct to dwell in the comfort zone of those he photograph. Spending an afternoon in the kitchen of ultimate fighter Chuck Lidell, or photographing Ted Nugent fishing and hunting, to living with villagers in a remote jungle, the results in eloquent photographs are simply talent at ease.

Drawing on 35 plus years of experience through film and television production, he has continued to journey as cinematographer, director, photographer and storyteller, driven by his passion for world travel, art, and research. His extensive knowledge of modern digital cinema cameras, drones and technical lighting, along with time lapse and underwater photography, gives him a distinct advantage to produce some of the most amazing images using the most modern techniques and equipment.

Russ works in the most remote locations in the world drawing on his experience and abilities of mountaineering, skiing, surfing, scuba, and aerial photography to capture the drama and beauty of those locations and people.