“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world” – Bruno Barbey

Russ Fill

Cinematographer. Director. Storyteller.

Russ Fill began his personal visual odyssey amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Rocky Mountains; a journey that has garnered recognition through multiple Emmy awards in the field of cinematography. With his camera as a constant companion, he remains on a perpetual quest for engaging footage, organic lighting techniques, while constantly experimenting with innovative visual tools to elevate the quality of his imagery.

From conducting interviews with notable figures like Nelson Mandela to capturing the essence of epic Survivor locations, Russ possesses a unique talent for freezing moments in time and crafting images in a raw and unfiltered style. His wellspring of creativity draws not only from exotic locales but also thrives within the comfort zones of his subjects. Whether capturing the essence of danger alongside adventurer Bear Grylls, or deep-water solo climbing the limestone cliffs of Majorca filming Jason Momoa and Chris Sharma for HBO’s powerful series The Climb, Russ seamlessly transforms these experiences into eloquent photographs.

Highlighting over three decades of experience in film and television production, Russ’s journey continues as a cinematographer, director, photographer, and storyteller. His expertise in modern digital cinema cameras, drones, technical lighting, time-lapse photography, and underwater imagery equips him with a distinct advantage to produce breathtaking visuals using cutting-edge techniques and equipment.

Russ’s versatile skill set is transferable, whether in a studio setting or a remote location, yet he thrives in the world’s remotest corners, where he draws upon his experience in mountaineering, skiing, surfing, scuba diving, and aerial photography to capture the drama and beauty of these far-flung locations and the people who call them home.